Real Chain is used on all Chain Canes

5/16” proof coil chain is a general purpose chain for allĀ  ordinary applications not requiring high strength characteristics. This chain is what you would buy to tow your car with. We use “plain face” this means it has no finish, because this is what we need for the best welding results.

Suggestions on Chain Cane Usage

  • Holding the Chain Cane - One should hold the cane in the hand opposite your painful or weak leg. If your balance is poor, use your steadier hand. Always move the cane and the opposite leg together.
  • Climbing up stairs - Lead with your strongest leg first. Then next, with the Chain Cane as support move the weak or painful leg to that same step. Going down stairs - Step down with the cane and the weak or painful leg first. Then, lower the strong leg to that same step.
  • Safety Tips: Replace worn rubber tips immediately.

Tips on Tips

  • It is important to inspect your tips on a regular basis.
  • Only buy the best. A bargain tip may turn out to be a liability.
  • Make sure they do not wear through to the metal washer.
  • When the tread on the tip is beginning to become smooth, it's time to change the tip.
  • Inspect as the seasons change. Water, leaves or snow will affect the cane tips usage.

Chrome Plating

Chrome Chain Cane Link

Chrome is slang for Chromium. It's is a metal and one of the 91 naturally occurring chemical elements.

Things are not made of solid chrome. Rather, when you hear that something is chrome, or chromed, what is invariably really meant is that the object has been plated with a layer of chrome.

Chroming starts with a thorough cleaning of the part. Once the part is down to bare metal, it is polished. Next the part is plated with copper. This soft metal helps seal in the pores of the metal part and provides a smoother surface for the following materials to adhere to. After the copper, the part is plated with nickel and then plated with one or more layers of chrome.

Hand Welded in America

Cleaning your Chrome Chain Cane: If your chrome cane is getting a little dull or has finger prints, use a chrome polish which is available in both liquid and paste/cream at any auto store. We recommend one with a light abrasive.